* Stonewall: Jungle Tier List - Viktor era Part2 (2012/01/06) [#vfefd7c2]


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これは'Reign of Gaming'のJungleTierListだ。

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: God Tier |
Marbled Duck, Skarner, Udyr, Lee Sin

: Tier 1 |
Trundle*, Cho'Gath*, Shaco*, Maokai*, Gangplank, Rammus, Nocturne, Malphite, Master Yi, Jarvan, ''Amumu''

: Tier 2 |
Riven, ''Alistar'', Xin Zhao, ''Olaf'', Shyvana, Pantheon, ''Wukong'', ''Renekton'', Tryndamere, Shen, Kayle, ''Singed''

: Tier 3 |
Volibear, Soraka, Fiddlesticks, Twisted Fate, Blitzcrank, Taric, Sion, Twitch#, Nunu, ''Karthus'', Fizz, ''Leona'', Poppy, Karma, Eve

: Tier 4 |
Yorick, Cassiopeia, Nasus, Warwick, ''Sivir'', Galio, Irelia, Gragas, Akali, Ezreal

: Tier 5 |
Jax, ''Viktor'', Mordekaiser, Dr Mundo, Graves, Orianna, Ahri, Talon

: To be added later |
Kog'Maw, Urgot, Marzahar

実際のPickにおいて最も有用だと思われるチャンピオン - Gangplank, Skarner, Maokai, Trundle, Amumu

** 各Tierの説明 [#wf6f0f77]

: God Tier |

: Tier 1 |

: Tier 2 |

: Tier 3 |

: Tier 4 |

: tier 5 |

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: Amumu: ▼ Tier 1 |

: Alistar: △ Tier 2 |

: Olaf: ▲ Tier 2 |

: Wukong: △ Tier 2 |

: Renekton: ▼ Tier 2 |

: Singed: △ Tier 2 |

: Karthus ▲ Tier 3 |

: Leona ◎ Tier 3 |

: Viktor: ◎ Tier 4 |

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> △: 上のTierへ移動
▲: Tier内での位置がアップ
▼: Tier内での位置がダウン
▽: 下のTierへ移動
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God Tier – Marbled Duck, Skarner, Udyr, Lee Sin
Tier 1 – Trundle*, Cho Gath*, Shaco*, Maokai*, Gangplank, Rammus, Nocturne, Malphite, Master Yi, Jarvan,Amumu
Tier 2 – Riven, Alistar, Xin Zhao, Olaf, Shyvana, Pantheon, Wukong, Renekton, Tryndamere, Shen, Kayle, Singed
Tier 3 – Volibear, Soraka, Fiddlesticks, Twisted Fate, Blitzcrank, Taric, Sion,Twitch#, Nunu, Karthus, Fizz, Leona, Poppy, Karma, Eve
Tier 4 – Yorick, Cassiopeia, Nasus, Warwick, Sivir, Galio, Irelia, Gragas, Akali, Ezreal
Tier 5 – Jax, Viktor, Mordekaiser, Dr Mundo, Graves, Orianna, Ahri, Talon

To be added later - Kog Maw, Urgot, Malzahar

In another note - the champions who are probably the most useful actual picks - Gangplank, Skarner, Maokai, Trundle, Amumu

God Tier – Sadly this tier has to exist. The ones in this category simply leave the rest of the junglers in the dust even the tier 1 junglers. There is this noticeable gap in power level as they are well rounded and supreme in many aspects of the jungle. Think of it as that student in high school who was the valedictorian, participated in charities, won prom night, was captain of a sports team and was good looking.

Tier 1 – Very strong jungle champions with well rounded scores and some even contain niche abilities that adds more flavor to their jungling. They are pretty much strong all around with some leniency towards one or more aspects. They have few weaknesses.

Tier 2 – Do not thing they are much worse than Tier 1. Tier 1 is definitely better but not by much. Them being in Tier 2 simply means they have a greater more noticeable leniency to a few aspects and a have more noticeable weaknesses. They are still very strong junglers just not flawless.

Tier 3 – The junglers here often lean towards a single aspect while being average or weak at the rest. They also often have more exploitable weaknesses than the upper tiers. Their power in that one aspect may sometimes justify their use though and they can add unique flavors to the team.

Tier 4 – They can jungle decently enough but there is very little justification for them to be jungling. They are simply outdone and have no real aspect where they are grossly powerful at while still having weak aspects and exploitable flaws.

Tier 5 – They sometimes don’t die


'*' = a tier above those even in their tier but not enough to enter the level above them…yet

Amumu – He lowered a tad in tier 1. The rest are just all around better and Amumu still has some issues maintaining his health and avoiding a grizzly death. He’s probably one of the best overall jungle picks though in organized play.

Alistar – God Level ganking and since, when you jungle, you don’t necessarily have to go support Alistar, you can mesh in an AD build that has a decent transition and a strong jungle game. AD Alistar is able to slap things to death rather quickly (his AoE Q and passive help a lot) and transition into an “okay” bruiser type or be a support if a little behind. His leap from tier 3 to 2 is quite dramatic but that’s because I was comparing him too much to Blitzcrank that, though fundamentally the same when it comes to jungling, Alistar’s overall stats are better. He’s still easy to disrupt and harass but the new jungle is very easy for him early. It only starts rejecting him if his build leans towards support or AP.

Olaf – Yeah Olaf is just one brutal monster slayer. If you learn to use his axes properly (even I still have issues) to clear camps then you’ll fly through everything surprisingly fast. He still has mana sustain issues and the fact that he’s practically dead while jungling – but his speed is just as brutal and he gained the power to snowball positively. Try this build on him – mix in some attack damage runes with armor pen, use attack speed in place of armor yellows, start with a doran’s blade and master your axe throws. That Q AoE damage will decimate the early jungle creeps (especially wraiths) and adding another doran’s will prove deadly. Most junglers are starting to move away from Lantern – though that doesn’t mean you can’t grab it still.

Wukong – His sustain is just so awful. He takes too much damage and runs the risk of dropping even with a leash (if you avoid cloth+potions). However, his damage output is ridiculously high and his clear speed is outrageous. He demolishes camps early thanks to his brutal swing reset and his powerful attack speed steroid which is also an AoE. What he lacks in CC he brings in huge damage burst and super ease in being able to deal it.

Renekton – He did drop quite a bit but he’s still in Tier 2. His ganking is much pretty much on par with Udyr’s just slightly better because you MAY get a double dash out of it. However, much of his damage is lost due to lack of rage during ganks since it burns while walking or during your E to close the gap. Wukong simply ended up showing Renekton. While Renekton gains super badass status when at level 6 – Wukong gains super CC badass status at level 6 far shadowing Renekton’s melee stun.

Singed – Think about everything Rammus does. Singed does all that but is just a worse Rammus. Think of this as Lee Sin vs Riven. They are very similar but Lee Sin is less rough around the edges and fundamentally better. Singed is showing that he’s a graceful jungler. He may still go up.

Karthus – Still dangerously fast and can snowball like crazy. However, his build is affected due to this and he loses out on a summoner spell which hurts Karthus. He is also incredibly squishy making him an inferior duelist to pretty much every other jungler. His ganking, while powerful, is also very tricky to pull off. He’s a niche jungler that can work but will have a hard time finding a reason to be used.

Leona – I have actually jungled her before and truly enjoyed it. Using her in the jungle is not so much about her being good but ENABLING HER. She is a situational bottom lane but is honestly one of the most overpowered champions in the game design wise. If you’ve ever fought a geared Leona you’ll know what I mean. When it comes to team fights – an equally geared Leona is very hard to kill, packs an unholy amount of CC and controls team fights like no other. The problem is, bottom lane Leona doesn’t get any gold and solo Leona gets beaten by pretty much all the used solo laners. Jungle Leona isn’t much different. She is outclassed. Her ganks are truly brutal and are amongst the best in the game but the overall package is weak. She’s slow, she clears slow, unsustained, her build is wonky and so on and so forth.

Sivir - She's pretty fast but sucks at everything else

Viktor – He is incredibly bad at jungling. With assistance he can do okay but otherwise he’s very slow, his W has really bad range until you upgrade it, he borders death often and his dueling is lack luster compared to the rest of the cast. He’s just bad at this.

Shen - Soon

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